I Almost Feel Sorry For Amy Fee. I Don’t, But I almost Do

I don’t know a lot about what Amy Fee did in her life before politics, but if these are her defending skills I sure hope it didn’t involve lawyering.

Thrown to the wolves by her bosses in the Ford government and ordered to defend its autism plan, she, or someone pulling the strings, came up with…this.

Fee says she has two autistic children, and their combined costs for therapy are close to $110,000 per year.

Her children are covered under the province’s current autism program, but under the new plan, families will only be given $5,000 a year, per child for coverage.
Fee admits she will now have to use $100,000 of her own money, to cover autism services for her children.
“It’s about continuing on with our line of credit. We have a line of credit already that has had a lot of therapy and other costs associated with raising children with autism that are there. And then asking family for supports, and just watching where we are spending money and doing the best that we can. And looking for the therapies and the experts that are most beneficial to them,” said Kitchener South MPP Amy Fee.
Fee says she still supports the provincial government’s move, saying it will eliminate the large wait list of children waiting to be diagnosed.

So basically what she’s saying is that this is financially crushing my family, but that’s good because we’re now going to be able to financially crush thousands more families much more thoroughly and efficiently than we can under the current system (*required standing ovation*).

Jimminy fucking christmas. That might be the stupidest thing I’ve heard all month, and being within earshot of stupid things is kind of what I do here. Just embarrassing. Rarely do I tell someone to have a little self-respect, but seriously.

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