Let’s Fund Schools Based ON Factors That Are Out Of Their Control. What Could Go Wrong?

As is usually the case with these things I’m open to hearing why this isn’t a stupid idea, but it strikes me that basing more than half of a college or university’s provincial funding on factors like how many students graduate, how many of them wind up employed and how much money they make is […]

Have A Listen To This Genderless Voice Designed For Digital Assistants

I was pretty skeptical as I read about this supposedly genderless voice. Surely it would have to lean one way or another. But I think maybe they’ve actually done it. Gun to my head I say it’s a woman, but I’m not going to argue with anyone who says I’m wrong. The developers started out […]

Somebody Help Me Figure Out The Ramble Tag

I need somebody to please tell me if there’s something I’m missing here, because I’m not understanding how harnessing yourself to your sighted guide rather than simply taking an elbow makes the experience of being guided any more independent or any less awkward than it is currently. Is it awkward? I’ve never had a problem […]

Historic Buildings Should Be Looked After, But Not At The Expense Of People

I’m totally on board with this sentiment, minus the rioting and property damage. Obviously folks can do what they want with their own money and we should certainly do our best to preserve our history, but why is there suddenly so much private and public cash available when there’s never enough to build housing for […]

Convenience Isn’t The Problem With Voting. People Not Giving A Shit About Voting Is

Gym, tan, laundry… vote?: Ontario asked to consider weekend, holiday elections Report on June 2018 provincial election makes recommendations aimed at boosting voter turnout Don’t get me wrong. More flexibility absolutely can’t hurt. But I don’t think that’s the biggest issue we’re up against here. If we really want to solve the turnout problem, we […]

Happy 50th Birthday, Whatever Is Left Of The Montreal Expos

This is video of the first home run hit by a Montreal Expo during a home game. In the first inning of the first major league game ever played outside of the United States (April 14th, 1969), Mack Jones crushed it into the right field seats to give the Expos a 3-0 lead. They’d go […]