The Old Master What Now?

Woe woe woe. Just what are you painting all those landscapes with, my dude?

Wait, it’s master painter? Oh. Ok. That makes much more sense than what I heard. Carry on.

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    1. That just happened to me too.  That’s new and exciting.  There has to be something going on at DreamHost.  I see other people on Twitter now and then when I search talking about it, and now, even though our site is scattered across 3 different machines, even the email has been wonky on and off all week.  It’s slow to send, it fails, it’s late getting messages to me…ironically it’s been good today, but there’s just all sorts of screwiness.

      Now as for the reason we’re really here, lol about the purple thrills.  And it helps if you’re not listening up close.  It’s still there then, but it loses something.  I first heard it from a bit of a distance away.  One of those where you hear something, stop, and then realize no brain, you’re wrong, but damn that’s funny.

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