Government Financially Assists Struggling Small Business

Liberal government slammed for $12M retrofit to Loblaws fridges
But let’s be fair. Loblaws is only worth a scant few billion dollars, is so desperate to make ends meet that it had to unlawfully manipulate the price of bread and let’s not even get started on how it’ll ever be able to afford to pay a decent minimum wage.

Opposition parties are protesting the Liberal government’s decision to give $12 million to one of Canada’s largest grocery chains to help make its refrigerators better for the environment.
The announcement sparked ridicule and outrage on Parliament Hill, where MPs from both sides of the political spectrum cast the funding agreement with the Loblaws chain as another example of how the Trudeau government favours big corporations and the rich.

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna defended the move, announced Monday, which sees Ottawa contribute a quarter of the funding Loblaw says it will dedicate to retrofitting fridges in its 370 stores over the next three years so they use less energy. She said the chain is receiving federal support because “they can get the most significant emissions reductions” through this program — the equivalent of taking 50,000 cars off the road each year.
“Let’s be clear, this project actually is going to make a difference,” McKenna said as she left the Liberal cabinet meeting Tuesday. “It’s really unfortunate that you have the leaders of the opposition politicizing serious climate action across the board.”

Oh get outa here. Whether or not it makes a difference isn’t the issue. If Loblaws really wants new fridges, they’re more than capable of paying for them without our help and should be doing so. I have no problem with this money being spent, but it should be spent on companies with an actual financial need.

Seriously, Liberals. Do you want to win the election this year or not? Get it together.

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