PC Government About To Spin So Hard We’ll All Feel Dizzy

This should be fun. I can hardly wait to see which of these poor schlubs they shove out here to explain to us all that this bad thing we’re doing is actually good because *spins the wheel of utter nonsense*. NDP revives Tory bill curbing taxpayer-funded partisan ads in bid to embarrass Ford government

The New Democrats are reviving a Progressive Conservative bill from the Tories’ opposition days in a bid to embarrass Premier Doug Ford’s government for its taxpayer-funded partisan advertising binge.
NDP MPP Taras Natyshak tabled private member’s legislation identical to a bill introduced by Tory MPP Sylvia Jones two years ago that would revive the auditor general’s powers to veto commercials deemed to be politically partisan.

“I assume the Conservatives will support this because they already did,” Natyshak (Essex) told reporters Wednesday at Queen’s Park.
“Voting against this bill would be the height of hypocrisy,” he said, noting Jones and much of Ford’s cabinet strongly endorsed the measures in 2017.

Jones, who is now the solicitor general, implored the legislature in 2017 to restore the auditor’s power over government advertising.
“If the Liberal party wants to spend money promoting their policies, have at it. But this is taxpayers’ money that should be going to important issues,” the Dufferin-Caledon MPP said at the time.

It’s early, but it looks like we may not even have to wait until the end of the Toronto Star’s article to find out who gets to be geek of the week on the all important do as we say not as we do file. Step right up, Peter Bethlenfalvy.

While the Tories promised to reinstate the auditor general’s veto during last June’s election campaign, they are now noncommittal.

“We’re reviewing it,” said Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy, defending the government’s current advertising blitz. “But right now we are focused on making sure the people of Ontario are aware of the impacts of the carbon tax, which was just initiated by the federal government.”

We’ll be happy to decide if we like our own minister’s good idea just as soon as we’re finished shitting all over it.

Off to a strong start here, Petey boy. You’ve got a bright future ahead of you in our crap arse government if you can keep this momentum going.

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