Happy 50th Birthday, Whatever Is Left Of The Montreal Expos

This is video of the first home run hit by a Montreal Expo during a home game. In the first inning of the first major league game ever played outside of the United States (April 14th, 1969), Mack Jones crushed it into the right field seats to give the Expos a 3-0 lead. They’d go on to blow a six run lead but still beat the St. Louis Cardinals 8-7. A pretty good start to an era that never should have ended the way it did and one that will hopefully return some day. I was never much of an Expos guy, but I still liked having them around because it was cool that our country had a team in each league, plus it was an automatic rivalry that always felt like it meant something to the fans even though the Expos and Jays didn’t play each other all that often.

Here’s a look back at that first game, and here’s an oral history of the last one.

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