Maybe Ford Is ON To Something. At The Rate He’s Going, We Might All Be Better Off Under Water

It’s pretty obvious to anyone with eyes, ears or a brain that Canada’s flooding problem has gotten worse in the last few years. So naturally, now is the perfect time to cut a province worth of conservation authority funding in half. Ontario conservation authorities say the provincial government has cut their funding for flood management […]

PC Government About To Spin So Hard We’ll All Feel Dizzy

This should be fun. I can hardly wait to see which of these poor schlubs they shove out here to explain to us all that this bad thing we’re doing is actually good because *spins the wheel of utter nonsense*. NDP revives Tory bill curbing taxpayer-funded partisan ads in bid to embarrass Ford government The […]

Let’s Fix Security By Breaking It. That’ll Show ‘Em

Maybe runs a great service. I don’t know. But I also don’t care, because chances are solid that I’m never going to use it. Why? Well, because irresponsibly endangering the entire internet as a form of protest is an extremely dumb, unprofessional thing to do even if some of your gripes might be legitimate. […]