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Phoenix mom accused of punching 7-year-old for failing job as lookout while grandma shoplifted at Walmart

Phoenix police officers arrested a mother on suspicion of punchingĀ her 7-year-old sonĀ in the mouth because he didn’t do a good enough job as a lookout while his grandmother shoplifted at a Walmart store, according to Maricopa County court documents.

Officers observed the child walk out of the store to the parking lot with his mother, identified as Rebecca Gonzales, 27, where she began “spanking (him), then slapping him and finally punching him in the face,” documents said.

Police spoke to the boy, who they said was bleeding from the mouth. He told them that “he was hit because he didn’t watch out for his grandma good enough,” according to court filings.

The name and whereabouts of grandma haven’t been reported anywhere, so we don’t know if she’s been charged with anything or if she needs to sock her daughter in the yap for making an unnecessary scene.

If she does, she’ll need to wait until somebody puts up the $2500 bond to get Rebecca out of jail, where she was sent after being charged with a count of aggravated assault.

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