WWE Books Travel About As Well As It Books Television

So it’s not just onscreen where WWE is making stupid, entirely preventable mistakes. But at least the ones that wind up on TV make a bit more sense now. Take it away, Observer.

While last week was supposed to be the Superstar Shakeup, lots of things happened this past week that caused plans to change.
The biggest thing was the about-face of breaking up the relationship between Ashley Fliehr (Charlotte Flair) and Manny Andrade by putting them on different brands. The relationship wasn’t a secret and the decision was made with knowledge of this. But it didn’t play out well in real life so it was reversed with Andrade moving back to Smackdown the next week. Because they didn’t want to break up the Andrade/Zelina Vega act, they moved Thea Trinidad (Vega) back to Smackdown as well. Unfortunately, then they were breaking up a married couple, so her husband, Tom Budgen (Aleister Black) also had to be moved to Smackdown.
That broke up the Ricochet & Aleister Black tag team, and based on Ricochet losing to a repackaged Bobby Roode, now back to doing the Robert Roode character with a Don Frye mustache, the orders from above to protect the second run of NXT call-ups ended.

Points to them for not breaking up couples on purpose like they used to I suppose, but how do obvious things like these fall through the cracks?

What a damn mess.

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