At Least She Knows Her Cameras Work

I understand that this stems from a neighbourhood dispute that Annie Durham appears to be on the right side of. I also understand that long simmering frustration can absolutely cloud one’s thinking. But unfortunately for her, those fluffy little anger clouds became a thunderstorm of imbecility and she didn’t have an umbrella handy. How else […]

Stomping Grounds Was Surprisingly Good, Super ShowDown Was Not, And A Bunch of Other Stuff Happened. It’s The Wrestling Notepad

I’ve watched Kushida wrestle twice already in NXT, but I’m so behind on New Japan that I just finished watching his sendoff match against Hiroshi Tanahashi from the Road to the New Beginning. I loved it, and it’s a fine example of why I don’t plan on skipping any shows to catch up if I […]

That’s The Last Time I Give Someone An Eskimo Kiss

It’s never not funny when you’re watching Cops and you see some guy explaining to the officer that he doesn’t know what might be found in the pants he’s wearing because they’re not his, he’s just borrowing them from a buddy. I feel like perhaps Fabricio Tueros Jimenez may have seen one of those episodes […]

Happy ION LRT Day!

Get ready to ride – ION light rail service starts June 21, 2019! For all your #ReadyToRideION info visit — ION (@rideIONrt) May 8, 2019 It’s like two years late and truth be told I had zero faith in this June 21st date when the region announced it, but today, the new light […]

My Favourite Part Of The Raptors Parade

All that basketball stuff was pretty alright, but I wish to direct your attention to this heartwarming moment. Ontario Premier Doug Ford was greeted with a chorus of boos when he was announced to the crowd at the #raptorsparade. #onpoli #wethenorth MORE: — (@globalnews) June 17, 2019 And it sounds even better […]