My Favourite Part Of The Raptors Parade

All that basketball stuff was pretty alright, but I wish to direct your attention to this heartwarming moment.

And it sounds even better from out in the crowd.

Well done, enormous throng of Ontarians. You’re a year too late to do anything about your mistake, but I’m glad you’re starting to realize you’ve made one. Just please remember this feeling in 2022, that’s all I ask.

As for Ford, getting booed out of buildings looks like something he might want to get used to.

Things aren’t going well for Ontario Premier Doug Ford or his government.
Last June, the Progressive Conservatives won a majority government with 40.5 per cent of the vote. The latest polls show that support has collapsed.
Last week, an Environics poll noted a whopping 75% of Ontarians felt Ford’s government was “on the wrong track.” That included 37% of 2018 Tory voters.
More recently, a Mainstreet poll found just 19.9% of Ontarians polled have a favourable opinion of Ford, while 73.4% “have a negative opinion of the premier.”

But there are other signs the government is in disarray:

On May 15, Premier Ford was booed by “hundreds of people” according to the Toronto Star, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
“Boy … you know something? I haven’t heard that much energy in a long time,” Ford said in response.
Many attributed this to revulsion at the impact of the Ford government’s incredibly dangerous cuts to autism support.
Several days later, Ford was booed again at a tech conference in Toronto after he cut $24 million from support for AI research.

Word is he thinks a cabinet shuffle is going to fix everything, but I’m not so sure. What’s that old saying about rearranging the assholes on the Titanic?

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  1. In the post I said I wanted you to remember the feeling of booing Doug Ford in 2022. I still want you to do that, but I also want you to think back to it later this year when it’s time to vote in the federal election. Remember, a federal vote for a Conservative is a vote for Doug Ford. He’s not running directly of course, but those are his friends and allies. If you vote for them, you’re essentially endorsing everything you booed. Please don’t do that.

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