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Ford government cancels tree planting program after learning trees also want to eliminate carbon

TORONTO – In a move harshly criticized by environmentalists nationwide, the Ford government announced yesterday that it is cancelling a program that would have seen 50 million new trees planted in Ontario, after realizing that trees, like the Conservative-denounced carbon tax, remove carbon dioxide from the country’s atmosphere.
The 50 Million Tree Program, which not only created jobs but helped to maintain Ontario’s forests and shorelines, was shut down to decrease Ontario’s financial deficit. However, Ford made it clear that the real reason he wanted it gone was because the planted trees were aiding Trudeau’s Liberal agenda.
“I bet Trudeau thought we’d never find out about this,” Ford boasted in Queen’s Park immediately following the announcement. “While we’ve been fighting the good fight against his joke tax, he’s planted his secret carbon-hating agents in every backyard. I know I’ll never trust a tree again.

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