Pool Fool

Problem: You have an inflatable pool that you don’t have the means to inflate.
Solution: Drive it into town and get it inflated there.
Problem: Now you have to get it back home and there’s no way it’s fitting in the car.
Solution: Alright kids, time to start earning your keep.

A mother in Dixon, Illinois was arrested Tuesday after she allegedly had her two daughters sit in an inflatable pool on her car’s roof. Jennifer A. Janus Yeager, 49, was using them to anchor down the pool while she drove from a friend’s home, where she had inflated it, according to the local police department.
Cops got a call from a witness about an Audi passenger car. It featured the aforementioned pool with the children on top, authorities said. Police searched the area, found the vehicle, and conducted a traffic stop.

She was charged with two counts each of endangering the health or life of a child and reckless conduct and was also cited for failure to properly secure her passengers.

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