If You Think You’re Going To Scam Me From A Distance, You’re Right. But It’s Going To Be From A Different Distance, By God

This news report is written so terribly that I thought it had to be fake, but it’s verified by Randy Cassingham’s This is True. So if it’s good enough for him, it’s good enough for me. And thank goodness it’s good enough for him, because I’d hate to think that I just literally slapped myself in the head because of a damn hoax.

I’d rewrite the story so it could be told in something resembling proper English, but I’m going to go ahead and quote some of it in the hope that William Padmore Googles his own name and gets to read his own writing for the first time.

Officer Angela Sands says the Texan told Lincoln police that a woman he met through social media app Hangouts, and had tried to convince him to buy an Amazon Gift Card for her.
“He grew concerned it might be a scam,” says Sands. “So he decided he was going to drive to Lincoln, Nebraska to see the women in person first.”
So, the man traveled roughly 530 miles from Stinnet Texas to a Lincoln address provided by the woman over the app.
“One he messaged her and said he was at the address, she said she would let him inside and she would agree to have sex with him only after he sent a picture of the Amazon gift card and the scratched off number so she could use it,” says Sands.
The victim followed through, but the address provided did not belong to the woman in question.
The women then proceeded to block the victim from contacting though the app once the gift card money had been transferred.

This schmuck, who police did not identify, is now out $65 for the gift card and an undisclosed amount for the gas it took to drive the eight and a half hours to get conned.

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