Government For The People I Do Business With

Yes, this looks pretty fishy. But let’s be fair. Who among us hasn’t taken a meeting with the one member of a hospital board that just happens to have done millions of dollars worth of business with our family’s company without the knowledge of the hospital and then taken two tries for our spokespeople to […]

I’m Glad Facial Recognition Is The Future Of Security, Because It Sure Doesn’t Look Like The Present

Boing Boing notes this tweet. So, I was wondering why the battery on my laptop was running down every time I left it at home.Turns out the kids have been using my election leaflets to get through the facial recognition lock…I’m not sure whether to be proud by the wit or concerned by the sneakiness? […]

Government For The Hide And Seek Loving People

Ford’s senior officials hoped to keep mandate letters away from public view ‘as long as possible’ CBC News plans to continue fight for marching orders to ministers as Ontario looks to keep them secret There aren’t many good reasons for fighting so hard to keep these out of everyone’s hands, but I’ve come up with […]

Ladies And Gentlemen, Noted Man Of His Word, Doug Ford

Doug Ford, less than a week ago. Ontario’s court challenge of the federal carbon tax could be dropped if Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives lose the Oct. 21 federal election, says Premier Doug Ford. A Liberal victory by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or another party that supports the carbon tax would put Ontario’s case in a different […]