Where Are They Now: Igor Kenk, the Guy Who Pilfered All Those Bikes

I remember being fascinated by the story of Igor Kenk as it was unfolding. First because I thought it was funny that a guy who owned a bike shop would have to send somebody out to steal a bike for him, and then just by how big the story ended up being (around 3000 bikes plus some drugs).

I haven’t thought about him since then, at least not until last week when TVOntario came out with this documentary.

He’s…well…still kind of in the bicycle business, you could say. He’s also somewhat of an environmentalist/trash collector/all around strange dude.

It’s an interesting half hour if you know the story. Even if you don’t, there’s a decent chance you’ll enjoy it. And if you’ve ever lost a bike, maybe it’ll answer a few questions for you.

Unfortunately they aren’t allowing sites to embed it, so you’ll have to hit the link up there to watch it. And blind kids, be sure to turn on the described video option before you start. There’s a checkbox for that below the video player.

Igor Kenk was known as the world’s most prolific bicycle thief. His shop in Toronto notoriously sold stolen bikes back to their original owners. In 2008 he was arrested and jailed, after which he sold his shop and disappeared. Ten years later in Switzerland, Igor reflects on his past and his new life. Coarse language. Viewer discretion advised.

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