It Was The Engagement Of My Dreams

I hope that one day Carin will write about the sleep talking she’s been doing. Some of it has become rather elaborate and strange. For now it’s all talk, but at the rate she’s going, who knows. Maybe she could be Jenna Evans one day. Note to Carin: Please don’t be Jenna Evans one day.

In her dream, Evans thought she and her fiancé, Bob Howell, were in a “sketchy situation” involving “bad guys” on a high-speed train.
“He told me I had to swallow my ring to protect it,” she recalled from her dream. “So I popped that sucker off, put it in my mouth and swallowed it with a glass of water. I assumed this, too, was a dream, because WHO ACTUALLY SWALLOWS THEIR ENGAGEMENT RING.”

Evans told KGTV in San Diego, Calif., that she knew immediately what had happened when she woke up.
“I had to wake Bobby up and say: ‘I did something really stupid last night,’” she told the station.

A trip to the hospital and a scope later, the ring was returned and all seems to be right with the world.

May want to think about taking it off at night, though.

So, in case you missed it, I swallowed my engagement ring in my sleep on Tuesday night. I actually remember doing it,…

Posted by Jenna Evans on Thursday, September 12, 2019

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  1. Oh my god I hope not! I don’t need to rip an invisible “niagara tag” whatever that is, off my neck. The closest I came to walking around was “sneak devil devil sneak” or “I have to hit the dragon button!” But at least neither of those involved actual danger.

    1. Yeah, it does seem like if anybody is going to get in trouble actually walking around one day it’s going to be me. I mostly just have oddly logical conversations with people in my sleep, but now and then I’ll wake up in bed and have no idea how I got there. I’ll have dozed off on the couch, but there I’ll be, nicely tucked in, glass of water beside me, comfortable as can be. And then I’ll get up and see that I’ve even turned the TV off and put the remote back in its proper place. The weirdest is waking up in the morning to realize that at some point in the night I had put something I had taken out to thaw in the fridge.

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