Dumb People Are Trying To Ruin Deadspin

I know it’s dumb people, because if your grand idea is to buy something that’s both unique and popular and then set about draining it of much of what makes it unique and popular, you are a dumb person. Deadspin works precisely because it doesn’t stick to sports. Don’t get me wrong, it can be […]

At Least Whoever Ended UP With That Ball Will Have A Dumb Story To Tell

Poor Anderson Feliz is going to have a hard time living this one down. Woof. The Minors gave us one of the weirdest walk-offs you'll ever see. @swbrailriders' Breyvic Valera hits what appears to be a game-tying double, but Norfolk's right fielder forgets how many outs there are…. (via @MiLB) pic.twitter.com/tc5knvf2Mt — Cut4 (@Cut4) June […]

Robocalls Are Telling People To Vote Tomorrow Rather Than Today. Don’t Do That

Hopefully anyone who needs to see this will see it in time. As I type your polls should still be open no matter where you live, so go vote if you haven’t. Robocalls tell voters to head to the polls a day late Misleading robocalls reported in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Elections Canada […]

Before You Blame Technology For The End Of Family Time, Have A Look AT Poleconomy

Did anyone ever play Poleconomy? Was it even half as confusing or unspeakably boring as it looks and sounds? Seriously, even the commercial can’t make it look exciting, and that’s its one job! And I realize that this may not be the exact description that was packaged with the game, but could you make it […]