This Bud’s For You. This Warrant? Not So Much

Good on Billy Bob Hall for doing the right thing and turning himself in to police so that he could take care of his warrants. But perhaps before he started in on the liquid courage, he should have made sure those warrants existed. They didn’t.

Billy Bob Hall, 59, thought he was the subject of a warrant for a parole violation so he went to the Parker County jail to turn himself in.

In speaking to Hall, Deputy R. Chavez detected the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage, according to the arrest report. Hall admitted he drank seven Budweiser beers before coming into the station.
Unfortunately for Hall, once he turned himself in, deputies found he didn’t have a warrant for his arrest. They would have let him go, except that he was intoxicated to the degree that he posed a danger to himself and to others.

After seven Buds? I hope they were at least tall boys, because where I come from seven Budweisers is what we use for hydration when we don’t have easy access to tap water.

But since he was in such a state, he was charged with public intoxication and put away to sober up. Hopefully while he’s in there police will try to get to the bottom of what he thought he did, just in case he might have done it.

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