So That Happened

Well, we had our election. And in spite of what the leaders will tell you, it settled basically nothing and it’s hard to say that anybody truly won.

The Liberals won, but still lost. They have a hefty minority, but they came in with a hefty majority and blew it, up to and including getting trounced out west. Other than technically speaking, it’s hard to call that much of a victory.

The Conservatives did well in the popular vote, but not in the areas they really needed to win if they wanted to have any hope of taking over.

Jagmeet Singh looked like a real party leader for the first time during this campaign, but in spite of any excitement that might have been building around him, his NDP lost a pile of seats and finished behind the frigging Bloc Québécois, for crying out loud.

The Bloc might actually be the biggest winners in all of this, coming from basically nothing and ending up as the third party.

You might also give the Greens a win, seeing as their numbers went from two MPs to three. But even they didn’t do nearly as well as hoped.

Over all, I think the strongest message that was sent to Ottawa by the country is that many people don’t feel particularly listened to or well represented and that as far as leadership is concerned, nobody really cares all that much for any of you.

My advice, for whatever it might be worth, is that nobody should be in any hurry to bring down the new parliament and send us back to the polls. All of you would be well served to try to work together. To be better. To be honest. To not be stupid and mean-spirited. I’ve seen the country more divided, but it’s been a while. Every single person lucky enough to have been elected on Monday has a part to play in trying to bring it back together. Before you make us vote again, let’s see some progress, or at least an honest attempt to that end.

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