The Penis Game Is So Much Fun…That Sounds Wrong

My turn to play the penis game. Mine is based off the album called “Medical Melodies and Surgical Songs”. It’s where the song about googling your symptoms came from. Here we go! Never Google Your Penis (No. Google Randy Orton’s instead. Might as well dredge up another old reference while we’re at it…) Text Message […]

On The Bright Side, You’ll Be Able To Watch Your Career Go Down The Toilet

New Jersey man found camera taped to urinal at his company’s office, suit says The employee who found the camera claims that after he reported the incident anonymously, the company retaliated against him. A few quick observations here. Gross. If the discovery of the camera happened the way Jason Savage says it did, David Swerdloff […]

I Don’t Know What A Minister Of Middle Class Prosperity Is, But I Think I Know What It Isn’t

When Justin Trudeau unveiled his new cabinet, my first reaction was to read about some of the major appointments, say “ok, no real problems here” and move on with life. But in doing so, I nearly missed the fact that Canada now has something called a minister of middle class prosperity. What in the hell […]