The Gun, Unlike His Brain, Did Not Contain Blanks

Judge says he ‘never heard of something that breathtakingly stupid in my life’ in father’s shooting of son
If this is the stupidest thing his honor has ever heard he must be either sheltered or new, but this is pretty dumb, I’m not gonna lie.

As his son approached him, Voight yelled, “Rafael, tell me if this hurts,’’ and fired the gun in his direction, according to court records. He realized then that the gun was loaded when he saw his son stumble from the shot.
Camacho was taken to a Portland hospital, where he was treated for birdshot pellet wounds to his hands, abdomen and testicles, according to court records.
The shooting was not reported until the hospital alerted law enforcement the next day.
When Columbia County sheriff’s deputies first interviewed Camacho, he covered for his dad and gave a false story about what had happened. Camacho told authorities that he was shot when he caught a stranger breaking into his car. When sheriff’s deputies went out to the crime scene, the evidence didn’t match Camacho’s story.

Daniel Dean Voight, 42, has been sentenced to 15 months in prison for being a felon in possession of a firearm. The walking argument for sensible fucking gun laws told police that he thought the .22 revolver he fired at his son was loaded with blanks and that his plan was to scare him.

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