I Bet This Doesn’t Work

I’ve had the WordPress app sitting on my phone literally for years and have never used it for anything, at least not anything I remember. So consider this me using it for something. Preferably for something that works. I’m not holding my breath. The damn thing already has me wanting to throw things. Admittedly my technology fuse can sometimes be a little short, but if I told you that this fucking app can’t make up its mind about whether I’m writing in the title field or the rich content area where it tells me to share my story I’m sure you’d understand. Here goes… Something… Hopefully.

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    1. There. I’ve used the big boy computer to change the publish time to the right one. I shouldn’t have had to do that because the app told me when I was looking at the settings that it would publish at the time it actually was right then, but here we are.

      I’ve seen worse, but for now the WordPress app is only for emergencies. I hope nothing ever goes that fucking wrong.

    1. Looking back, it seems I have a tradition of writing at least one post on each iPhone.  And looking back, it seems that every time there’s some sort of problem.  First it was issues signing in that suddenly cleared up.  Then it was the inability to navigate what you typed by character, word or line.  And now it does that weird publishing stuff (or at least it did this time), and you also can’t type in the post writing field by double tapping on the post writing field.  If you do that you’re going to end up writing a big long title no matter what it looks like you’re doing, and even if it looks like you’re doing it right, as soon as you move out of that field all of your text plunks itself into the title field. If you want to write in the post editing zone, you have to double tap the random line about sharing your story that’s next to the edit field.  There is nothing whatsoever that indicates that you should do this, it’s just a thing I thought I’d try because hey, why not?

      But hey, I could sign in and edit my typing mistakes, so there’s that.

    1. I only figured out that the times were off when I came to the site and didn’t see the post at the top even though the app told me it published, so maybe your times were messed up and we just didn’t notice it because there were no other posts close enough for them to get lost in.  Either that or it’s a new bug or a strange fluke.  Who knows?

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