Imagine Having To Look At That Photo Lineup

Without even looking at him, you can tell that Timothy Odell is 60 years old. How? Because he’s still sending out his dick pics the old fashioned way.

An officer with the Layton Police Department says Timothy James Odell went shopping at the Neighborhood Walmart at 1356 E. Highway 193 in Layton on the morning of January 26.
Police say Odell then sat in his truck until the female victim parked her car next to his truck.
Odell then moved his truck to a different parking spot, got out, and placed two rolled up pieces of paper under the woman’s door handle.

Those papers had pictures of his erect penis with “hardware” around the genitals.


During his talk with police, Odell admitted that he put the pictures there and that he hung around to watch her find them, saying that he did it for the thrill of seeing the reaction.

He was charged with distribution of pornographic material, which is a third degree felony.

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