Greetings From A Restaurant

Greetings from the Jack Astors in which I am day drinking on this unexpectedly beautiful Tuesday afternoon. Seriously, what a great day this is. It’s sunny and pleasant at the end of November just days after a dumping of snow. Hooray for climate change… Or something.

I forgot how much I liked the chicken fingers here. They aren’t paying me for a plug, but they really are the best around. The Moosehead is also delicious, even if it is more expensive than the ones at my house.

So Steve you may be asking, why are you day drinking at some Jack Astors? Well, because they’re treating our entire building for roaches today and since home is usually my office, here I am. I also figured it would be nice to treat myself a little because it’s been a bit of a stressful time. I won’t go into a lot of details, I’ll only say that I’m worried about 4 people simultaneously plus there are the damn bugs which I’m not used to dealing with plus some long-standing issues with management that could use a good addressing.

Have you all started your Christmas shopping yet? Do you know what you’re getting for anyone? I sure as hell don’t. I literally have one idea for one person right now.

Speaking of which, do any of you know anything about bike radios? My dad gets around on a scooter and I’m thinking of getting a radio for him so he has something to listen to while he rides around town. His old scooter had one but this one doesn’t and I know he used to like it. If you have suggestions, awesome. And the more basic they are, the better. Looking for something battery powered. Dad doesn’t own a smartphone, so Bluetooth and apps won’t work for him.

By the way, the music is an underrated aspect of Jack Astors. It’s almost always good. Today it’s classics like Steve Miller, Supertramp and the Eagles mixed with just enough newer tunes to surprise me.

Anyway, for now I’m out of thoughts, so it’s time to see if the stupid wordpress app will behave. Talk to you all soon, and stay tuned for the return of the penis game. Yes, really.

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