On The Bright Side, You’ll Be Able To Watch Your Career Go Down The Toilet

New Jersey man found camera taped to urinal at his company’s office, suit says
The employee who found the camera claims that after he reported the incident anonymously, the company retaliated against him.

A few quick observations here.

  1. Gross.
  2. If the discovery of the camera happened the way Jason Savage says it did, David Swerdloff is a surefire first ballot horrific tracks covering hall of famer.

    in July he discovered a “surreptitiously placed” camera on a urinal at the company’s office in Iselin, about 30 miles southwest of Manhattan office.
    Whoever placed the camera “deliberately positioned the device’s small lens to record the genitalia of individuals … using the bathroom urinal,” the lawsuit says.
    The camera had the ability to store, transfer and share footage, according to the suit. Savage “naturally feared the worst: a co-worker recorded him (and others) in the bathroom and widely disseminated the footage on the internet.”

    Savage immediately left the bathroom and invited two fellow employees to inspect the device, the suit says. His direct boss, David Swerdloff, entered the bathroom shortly thereafter to ask what was going on.
    Swerdloff ripped the camera off the urinal and told Savage and the other employees that he would file a report with police, then left the office with the camera, the suit claims
    He called about 15 minutes later and said he had not gone to police but “stated, in erratic fashion, that he accidentally smashed the camera and in a state of panic hurled the device from his car off the Garden State Parkway overpass,” the suit says.
    When they urged him to report the incident to police, he told them if they did “everyone ‘will get fired because we did not report the incident when it happened,'” according to the suit. “‘You do not want to be fired; you have TriNet paying for your school, rent and benefits,'” he allegedly said.

    Completely rational, innocent man behaviour there.

    Swerdloff no longer has TriNet paying for his school, rent and benefits, by the way.

  3. One of Savage’s lawyers is named Luber. Given the circumstances, this is funny.
  4. It’s hard to comment fairly on a lawsuit when you only have one side of things, but it does seem awfully convenient that the supposedly model employee who called it in is suddenly under investigation for misconduct once heads start rolling and folks start looking bad.

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  1. Some observations:
    1. One of the key players here is called Swerdloff, which I believe would be pronounced Sword-Off in some dialects.
    2. 2. The Penis Game is back … coincidence???
    3. If you find yourself in close proximity to a Savage without a proper Luber, you’ll probably end up with your Sword-Off.

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