The Penis Game Is So Much Fun…That Sounds Wrong

My turn to play the penis game. Mine is based off the album called “Medical Melodies and Surgical Songs”. It’s where the song about googling your symptoms came from. Here we go!

  • Never Google Your Penis
  • (No. Google Randy Orton’s instead. Might as well dredge up another old reference while we’re at it…)

  • Text Message From the Penis
  • How Do You Make A Penis?
  • A Statistically Significant Love Penis
  • The Ballad of the Superstar Surgeon Paolo Penis
  • It’s Always Good To Have A Penis
  • I Want To Penis
  • A Lovely Penis
  • Bruce the Blood Donor and Bella the Penis
  • There Is A Penis
  • The Song of Romeo the Internist and Juliet the Penis
  • I Can Never See A Penis

Not a bad choice of album even though it’s weird and wacky.

Check out the album if you’re interested.

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