Yes, I get Hung Up ON Little Things Sometimes. Kiss My Glute Region

I did get a chuckle out of these dunderheads driving their stolen car full of drugs straight into a RIDE program checkpoint, but I’m more hung up on the fact that somebody involved with either the creation of this news brief or the police press release it’s almost certainly sourced from decided to use the phrase “oral fluid” when saliva, spit or maybe even phlegm would have done just fine. Oral fluid is overly fancy in a contrary to the criminal code sort of way, plus it just sounds needlessly pervert gross.

Two men are facing charges after a stolen vehicle entered a RIDE program in Kitchener.
That happened Sunday around 11 p.m. at Homer Watson Boulevard and Doon South Drive.
Waterloo Regional Police say all occupants were arrested. 
Officers also seized a large quantity of suspected drugs and Canadian currency.
As well, the young driver was issued a suspension after testing positive for cannabis in their oral fluid.

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