I Found A Store In A Mall That Gets Christmas Music Right. No, I Can’t Believe It Either

I need to give a shoutout to the Bootlegger in Kitchener’s Fairview Mall, one of the few stores seemingly in the world that has figured out how to handle its Christmas music.

I was in there doing some Christmas shopping this week and I couldn’t help but notice their music mix. I don’t know who or what was supplying it, but good on you, whoever you are.

When I walked in, I was greeted by some Christmas song or other. I want to say it was “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” but maybe that’s because of the 37 other times I heard at least part of it that day and not because they were actually playing it.

In any event, it soon ended and was immediately followed up by…this.

Happy holidays!

The switch was jarring, but kind of awesome. Made me not mind staying in there a little longer.

It was back to Christmas after that for a song or two, but again, don’t ask me which ones.

What I can tell you is that when it ended, it was time for some Strokes.

I couldn’t stop myself from quietly singing along as I waited in line with the things I wanted to buy. I was actually feeling happy to be Christmas shopping. What a concept!

By the time I paid and left there was a Coldplay song on. Not Clocks or Yellow. It was one of the upbeat sounding ones that came out in the last few years. I know it, but the name escapes me. I don’t care much for Coldplay, but I still appreciated it.

And even more, I appreciated the effort to even out the shopping experience. Most places just go hog wild on the Christmas, and it’s awful. I don’t hate Christmas music at all. In the right doses, some of it is kind of nice. But being constantly bombarded by it whenever I turn on the radio or go out in public, that I can’t handle. A closer to equal ratio of normal songs to festive ones is nice. I wish more places would do it. Thank you, Bootlegger.

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