Not Sure How Well That Goes With Cracker Jacks, But I’m Not Here To Judge

Here’s Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy ever so slightly messing up the words to Take Me Out To The Ballgame during a Cubs Reds game last season. Sing it loud, sing it proud, Coach Nagy!#BearDown — Bears Talk (@NBCSBears) July 17, 2019 It’s impossible to know for sure of course, but that sounds pretty […]

Thanks To Editing, It Truly Is A Once In A Lifetime Experience

I’m glad that 570 News seems to have finally edited that commercial where the woman is plugging a trip to Spain and says “it truly is a once in a lifetime experience. I can’t wait to go back.” Yes, she really did say that and nobody caught it. How do you miss a mistake that […]

FlickType Is No Longer A Subscription App

Pretty sure I’m supposed to see this as a positive, but whenever a service I rely on decides to forgo a consistent source of revenue designed to fund continuing development in favour of something that on the surface appears much less lucrative and much more unpredictable, my reaction generally ranges from skeptical to nervous. That’s […]

Well, He Did Ask For A Maple Leaf Cake…

Donc Jacob demandait un gâteau des Maple Leafs de Toronto pour son anniversaire. La pâtissière bien sur a été sur Google… Posted by Tania Levesque on Saturday, January 4, 2020 A Mascouche, Que., family is laughing off an error by their local bakery that marred their son’s eighth birthday celebration last weekend. They had requested a cake with the […]

Humanwash, An Automatic Shower Scrubber For People Who Have Trouble Doing It Themselves

Badly written linked article aside, I like this idea a lot. I know quite a few people who would probably really appreciate having access to something like it. Man creates ‘human car wash’ shower tool that will wash body for you Watch the latest video at The innovative machine, dubbed the “Humanwash,” is installed with […]