Take It From Me

If I may offer you all one piece of advice as we head into this new year, it would be to never combine whatever stomach virus it is that everyone in the world seems to have right now with a very painful sinus infection. After eight days and counting of firsthand research on this subject, I am here to definitively tell you that this is a very, very poor idea.

To give you an idea of just how poor, I’ll offer you this statistic. Over the Christmas holidays, I have managed to lose 11 pounds. Not gain, *lose*. Anyone who has ever experienced a proper Christmas holiday surely understands how not normal that is. Between the antibiotics and the other bug causing things to spin around and run for the exits, my appetite has basically been nonexistent. I’ve literally had days where I’ve needed to work up the courage to eat a clementine or two.

This, in turn, has helped do wonders for the energy levels, as you can surely imagine. And when your energy is low, you tend to fall over, stay there and sleep. Yes, even when you’re me. But when you’re me, sleeping at strange times doesn’t go into a handy extra sleep bank like it does for most people, so you get me sitting here writing a post about how shitty I’m feeling at four on a Monday morning when I really ought to be in bed recovering because my body is sick of tossing and turning and has decided that it must do something that isn’t lying down like a sensible person would do.

And this is the best I’ve felt since December the 28th. Go me.

But if there’s one bright side to any of this, it’s that at least it waited to strike until I was back home. Had it not I would have been with family so would have been ok, but if there’s one thing that sucks more than being sick, it’s being sick someplace that isn’t your own home. And if there’s one thing that sucks even more than that, it’s being sick someplace that isn’t your own home while that place is filled with people loudly having a much better time than you. I got to have my good time first, so things aren’t all bad even if they’ve pretty well felt that way for a damn week.

Hope all of you are having a better start to the year than I am. And if any of you want to come to my neighbourhood and beat the shit out of whatever heavy construction equipment has been incessantly beeping and roaring and pounding for the last several hours, that’d be cool. It’s really not helping my comfort or my mood, but I don’t have the energy to go out there and kick its ass myself.

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