Get Flesh Wound

I think Destin Garcia might have a future in management.

The Florida Subway employee got very angry with a female coworker for running afoul of the rules on Black Friday.

The restaurant’s actual management had said that due to the extra workload that came with the holiday, that everyone was allowed to make themselves a free sandwich. But when one of his fellow employees made a wrap instead, Garcia was having none of it.

Since wraps were clearly off limits, he demanded that she pay the cost difference between it and the regular sandwich, which came out to around a dollar. She ignored him and walked off.

And this is when Garcia decided to really put his go getter attitude and solid people skills to use.

Authorities say Garcia drove to the co-worker’s home the next morning, where the co-worker’s mom told him to leave. Investigators say Garcia pushed the woman, causing her husband to come outside. The couple told investigators that Garcia pulled a handgun, told them “Do you think it’s a game?” and fired two shots near the woman’s feet, causing fragments of the blacktop to strike her.
The couple ran away and Garcia fled.

He was charged with aggravated assault and jailed on $100,000 bail. I’m sure he’ll pay every bit of it, because them’s the rules.

No word on whether the real scofflaw here paid her damn dollar, but that will surely sort itself out once a certain someone is back on the job.

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