Petty Criminal

It’s bad enough that you forget to put your mask on before you start robbing the dollar store, but it’s even worse when the dollar store you’re robbing is the one your girlfriend works at and people know you there. Also unhelpful? Said girlfriend making comments around other employees about you being in a gang and about the store perhaps getting robbed at some point.

A St. Paul man suspected of robbing a Roseville dollar store on Christmas Eve was quickly identified after forgetting to put on his mask.
Quincy G. Petty, 39, strode into the Dollar Tree on Larpenteur Avenue just after 8 a.m. and approached the cashier, saying, “Open your register, I’m robbing you,” according to charges filed last week. A store employee recognized the suspect as a colleague’s boyfriend before he remembered to put on his mask, court records show.
Petty and a male accomplice left the store with about $1,700 in cash, police said.
He was later arrested outside his girlfriend’s home, where authorities found more than $600 in his pocket along with a crumpled-up envelope with the word “robbery” written on it.

Yes, forgetting to throw out the paper with the word robbery written on it is also bad form, in case there was somehow any question about that.

Petty has been charged with a count each of aggravated robbery and simple robbery, the second of which seems rather appropriate.

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