Sorry World, You’ll Have To Wait. I’m Getting A Text

Impact Wrestling is a much better product than it used to be, but things like this aren’t going to help them shake the lol TNA vibe that’s followed them everywhere for years.

Like dude, how sad is that? A supposedly major wrestling promotion owned by an actual media company is streaming its live specials through a guy’s smartphone? Does it get any more low rent than that? The only way this isn’t the lamest thing ever is if the actual professional equipment malfunctioned and they had to do something as a last resort in order to deliver the show to their audience. That would be dedication, but I have a strong suspicion that that’s not what happened here based on the quality of similar specials I’ve seen.

Fans who watched IMPACT All Glory on Twitch were treated to a comical technical error during the show as the event was halted due to Josh Mathews needing his phone back. Mathews jumped in front of the stream and announced, “Guys, we’re done because I need my phone,” alerting the audience to the fact that the show had been streaming through Mathew’s phone.

Fortunately, another phone was found and the show continued.

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