Great. Now We Have To Hire Another Hit Man To Kill The Con Man Who Was Supposed To Kill That Other Con Man…

A strong urge to kill the no good SOB who conned you and your daughter out of €60,000 is certainly understandable. But that said, it’s not generally a good idea to actually go ahead and contract someone to do it so that you can get the money back by harvesting and selling his organs. I’m sure that somewhere there is somebody who may for whatever reason disagree on that last point, but I think we can all agree on this. If the hit man you hire ultimately cons you again, leave well enough alone and don’t go to the police to report the breach of contract.

The fraud victims and the alleged secret service chief signed a contract that set out the terms of the deal. “The search for the [name of alleged swindler] is established as a priority.” The next steps involved the search for the target, the interrogation of family members, friends and acquaintances, and once located, “the extraction of seven organs.” Point six of the contract specified that the woman would be compensated via the sale of those organs.
To be able to start working on the operation and locate the target, the fake spy requested a kind of deposit, of €7,000. This, he claimed, was the money needed to pay his informants and locate hitmen who could carry out the operation. But time passed, and the hit did not take place.

Given the situation, the mother and daughter decided to go to the police and report that they had been conned themselves by the daughter’s boyfriend. What they were seemingly unaware of was that they themselves had allegedly committed another offense: attempting to arrange a contract killing. Both were immediately arrested, and before long the daughter’s boyfriend was located and he was detained too. The police have not ruled out the possibility that the man had conned more victims.

In a case of the apple not falling far from the tree, the original swindler (the one who was supposed to be donating his insides) was in a relationship with the mother when her money was taken.

His insides are still there, according to police, who also say that charges against him haven’t been ruled out.

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