To Be Fair, What Else Would You Expect Someone With A Name Like That To Do

Guilty of ten charges of dishonestly obtaining financial advantage by deception after ripping off various farmers to the tune of around $86,000 worth of undelivered hay and grain is Stephen John Swindle.

The 31-year-old operated a scheme in which he offered to sell hay and grain to farmers to feed their stock but would only deliver part of the load.
More often, he would fail to deliver any produce as guaranteed.
His victims were farmers from the Dubbo, Parkes, Yass Valley and Moulamein areas in New South Wales.

Court documents show Swindle spent the money he obtained from farmers on items including trips to theme parks and women’s lingerie.
He also spent it on accommodation on the NSW South Coast, sports betting, groceries and liquor.

In sentencing, Magistrate Philip Stewart said Swindle’s actions were “reprehensible” in light of the serious drought in the state.
He labelled Swindle as “lying, dishonest and violent”.

But not a swindler?

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