I Am The Very Model Of Effective Social Distancing

We’re supposed to call it physical distancing now, but whatever. I like that change, by the way. It’s a much better description of what’s supposed to be going on. You can be social from a physical distance thanks to all of our old and new technology, and the same people who keep telling us to […]

Joe Diffie Propped Up Beside Jukebox At 61

The coronavirus has started coming for the entertainers. It got Joe Diffie over the weekend and right now it’s working on John Prine, who will hopefully pull through. Update: He didn’t, unfortunately. What a huge loss for music. Absolutely one of the best songwriters there has ever been. Obviously this is extremely sad, but hopefully […]

How The Vomit Comet People Are Responding To COVID-19

Sorry…Too many emails… Lyrics here if you need them. So how are we doing? So far, we’re doing ok. I’m working from home, we’ve been told we’re working from home until at least May, being kept very busy because when everybody *has* to do their courses on line, problems come up that haven’t been dealt […]

Good Luck Coughing Up All That Bail Money

I don’t really believe in hell, but if the mental health evaluation that Margaret Cirko was sent for after this shit doesn’t find something she can be helped with, I hope there’s a special place there for her if I’m wrong. The 35-year-old has been charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors after she claimed to […]

If It Wasn’t For The Need To Distance, They Could Switch To Vans

This is logical, yet strange sounding. I wonder if other cities are going to start doing the same thing. Guelph Transit limits number of people on a bus at one time Only 10 people allowed on a bus at any one time starting Thursday, March 26 Guelph Transit has implemented new changes in the wake […]