Let’s Get Ready To Rumble…If You Can

Many times I say I’m a weirdo. Now I know it for sure. I’m one of a small number of people who can make their ears rumble voluntarily! I can hear it now. “You can what?” Seriously. Ever since I was a kid I noticed that my ears made rumbling noises. I first noticed it when I was yawning or doing something that needed a lot of pushing or hard work. I thought I was breaking something so I would always make it stop because I was sure they weren’t supposed to do that. Then, as I got either more brave or stupid, I would just do it to see what happens. Yeah, blind kid, playing with your ears and hearing is a great idea, you fool! I never did it to drown someone out, I don’t think I could make a rumble that powerful. Maybe I’ve gotten weak? But I can make my ears rumble at will.

I told Steve about this and he thought I was nuts. I just assumed everybody could do this. Apparently, there are only some that can.

Well, there’s your weird tidbit for the day.

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  1. Is that the thing where you squeeze your ears and eyes shut as hard as you can and then feel your head start kind of vibrating? I think I can do that too. If it’s the same thing that I’m thinking it is.

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