The Coolest Song About The Brain

Your brain is divided into two hemispheres
Your left controls your right side and your right controls your left side
And they’re both tied together in a neat little package
By the totally awesome Corpus Callosum
When you peel away that meninges layer
Wipe off that cerebro-spinal fluid
And you’re looking right at the four lobes of the brain

(You all know what I am talking about, say it with me now)
Frontal, temporal, parietal, occipital
And each one’s got a very special job, yeah
Each one knows exactly what to do
As you’re watching my disembodied head
Your rods and cones are sending their stimuli to your thalamus
Which joins up to your occipital lobe
(Which of course processes visual information)
As you’re listening to these words right here
The vibrations of the scillia down in your ears
Are sending those impulses along to your temporal lobe

And I know right now you’re probably thinking
“Al, how can these different parts of the brain
Communicate with each other?”
Well to answer that question
I’m gonna have to break it down to a microscopic level

This is a neuron, a funky funky neuron
You got your axon on the one side
You got your dendrites on the other
See the dendrites receive the signal from another neuron
Which sparks a chemical reaction in the nucleus
Creating a nerve impulse which travels down a long long myelin-coated strand

Through which the neurotransmitter molecules enter the vesicle of the axon terminal
And as neurotransmitters jump a millionth of an inch
Across the synaptic gap
And smash into the receptors
Of the dendrites of another neuron
Connecting neuron to neuron to neuron to neuron
All across your entire brain (oh yeah)

The more you use your brain (your brain)
The more connections you’re gonna make
And the smarter, the smarter you’re gonna be (dup doowah)
I’m talking bout your brain (dup doowah)
You gotta hand it to your brain (dup doowah)
Yeah yeah that’s your brain

Oh! my! God! I could have killed for this song when I was in neuroscience class. It was a hell of a lot better than “Parts of the Brain”.

I wonder what Professor Peters would think of it.

Aside: When Weird Al was doing his thing at the end when he said “what I’m trying to say is…” Clear as day, I heard Professor Peters’s voice say “You lose 40% of your heat through your head. Those people who walk around campus without a hat on? They are stupid! They deserve to have their brain frozen!” *hides face* I don’t wear a hat because I can’t hear traffic as well with a hat on…but I did hear you, I swear!

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