If It Wasn’t For The Need To Distance, They Could Switch To Vans

This is logical, yet strange sounding. I wonder if other cities are going to start doing the same thing. Guelph Transit limits number of people on a bus at one time
Only 10 people allowed on a bus at any one time starting Thursday, March 26

Guelph Transit has implemented new changes in the wake of COVID-19 social distancing efforts that include limiting the number of people that can be on one bus.
Beginning Thursday, March 26, there will be a maximum of 10 people on the bus at one time.

Other changes include blocking off select seats so customers can practice physical distancing while riding the bus and asking customers to only ride the bus for essential travel (work, medical appointments and grocery shopping).

The changes are in addition to those announced earlier this month that included cancelling late night bus service and university express routes, free transit service until April 30, asking customers to board and exit the bus using the rear doors and operating on a Saturday schedule (every 30 minutes) Monday to Saturday, until further notice. No impacts to Sunday service/frequency.

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