SiriusXM Is Free Until May 15th If you’re Not Already Paying For It

This is a pretty cool thing that SiriusXM is doing, but I may not take advantage of it. I know if I get myself hooked on it I’m going to want to pay for it. I realize that’s kind of the point, but I ought not make myself want to spend money on more things I probably don’t need.

Sirius is pretty sweet, though. A huge variety of music, comedy, talk and sports…ok, maybe not so much that last one at the moment. It’s helped pass the time on many a car ride with friends over the years. I can’t think of anyone who hasn’t recommended it, and I can see why.

I think I just talked myself into it, god dammit.

SiriusXM is offering free access to its full lineup of Premier Streaming content to listeners in North America through May 15. Howard Stern kicked off Stream Free Apr. 1 while hosting The Howard Stern Show, on channel 100, from his home. Anyone who is not already a SiriusXM subscriber can download the SiriusXM app or go to, and start listening. Listeners can access more than 300 channels, including #StayHome Radio (channel 179), a feel-good, ad-free music channel featuring artists like Lizzo, Coldplay, P!nk and Bob Marley. SiriusXM is also bringing back The Billy Joel Channel, Dave Matthews Band Radio, and a new channel featuring the Top 1,000 songs across multiple genres.

Oh, and it should work on any smart speaker you happen to have, which is also a handy/dangerous thing to know.

Thanks…I think, to Broadcast Dialogue for my newest internal struggle…I mean for the tip.

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