The Hardest Part Of Our New Reality

Carin talked a bit about how it’s been for us being at home 99 percent of the time, and she’s right. For us, it’s been easy. We like each other, so that helps. And we’re each pretty decent at not annoying the other person, so that’s also solid. We also know each other very well so can usually tell if something might be about to go wrong, which is just about the best skill in the world to have. Things have been basically seamless. It’s nice.

But I am discovering one adjustment that I’m having a bit of trouble making. Remembering to close the bathroom door when Carin is in a meeting takes more thought than you’d think. It’s entirely necessary because her coworkers and customers don’t need to hear some guy going or flushing plus some of those conferences are on video and her laptop’s camera can see surprisingly far, but getting used to it is taking some work. So far I have yet to slip up, but I’m sure the day is coming. And with my luck it’ll probably come along with a couple great thunderin’ echoing bowl farts. And she’ll absolutely be meeting with somebody I’ve met and will have to see again when we all get released from virus jail. That’s just how these things work.

Wish me luck.

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