A Quick Question For Anyone Administrating An Automated Phone System Right Now

I appreciate that you have to give out COVID-19 related information about things like reduced staffing levels and special programs you may be offering, but could you do me a favour? Some of these damn things are seriously long and chatty. Can they not be offered as their own menu option? Alternatively, can we maybe enable folks to skip them with a quick press of the star or pound key so those of us who have already heard them won’t have to keep wasting two minutes of our lives every time we need something? I don’t feel like either of these things is too much to ask.

My telephone banking is driving me nuts with this stuff. Yeah yeah yeah, sign up for online banking, old man. I hear you. But that’s not even the point. Even if I did sign up for online banking, that’s not going to do much for those who don’t have that option, is it?

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