An Option For Grocery Delivery In Cambridge If You’re Disabled Or A Senior

When you’re generally in the business of airport shuttles and being people’s designated driver, what do you do when there’s suddenly no demand for either of those things? If you’re Driverseat Cambridge, you start offering free grocery delivery to seniors and disabled people.

Those in need will be able to file a form including their grocery order and where they shop for orders up to $150.

The groceries can be paid for by e-transfer or through the company’s mobile app. A contactless porch drop off is then made.
“We’ve seen a huge need for this and we have the drivers available, so we did it to help the community,” says franchise manager Sean Mulder.
Right now, the company has between four and six drivers — supplied with masks and gloves — who are able to make 10 grocery trips per day, seven days a week.

Driverseat Cambridge can be reached at 226-241-3736 or

Hey Cambridge, We have been adapting to current needs in our community, and doing our part in helping prevent the…

Posted by Driverseat Cambridge on Sunday, April 19, 2020

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