Their Pay Goes Down, And Then Goes Up Again…

This is nice, but why is the pay bump only a temporary one? If we’re going to sit here and call these people heroes and crow about the important work they’re doing, should we not pay them as though we mean it? And is that not especially true now that we know that life being so unaffordable for some of them that they feel they have to work in more than one institution probably isn’t such a great thing?

The provincial government announced a $4 per hour raise over the next four months for front-line workers who are helping fight COVID-19.
Workers will also receive a monthly bonus of $250 if they work more than 100 hours in a month over the next four months.
The premier said the bonus will be eligible for workers with long-term care homes, retirement homes, emergency shelters, supportive housing, social services congregate care settings, corrections institutions and youth justice facilities, home and community care providers and some staff in hospitals.

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