Ahh What The Heck. I’m Already Here Anyway

I don’t know what other problems Casey Michael Lewis may have, but impulse control is clearly an issue for him.

According to police, Casey Michael Lewis, 34, was booked into the St. Lucie County jail around 4 AM Thursday following his arrest at a Walmart for grand theft, a felony, and other charges. Lewis bonded out of custody just after 9 AM.
Cops charge that Lewis, upon walking out of the lockup, proceeded to the jail’s parking lot and burglarized a vehicle. He was subsequently confronted by deputies who spotted him pulling on car door handles in an apparent attempt to enter unlocked autos. Lewis allegedly stole an iPhone, $547 in cash, cigarettes, a debit card, and a driver’s license from the auto of a female victim who told police that she accidentally left her car unlocked.

Not surprisingly, he was cuffed and put right back in before making it off the property. He was later able to bond out again, and somehow managed to leave the jail grounds carrying only things that belong to him…at least as far as we know.

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