Hey Hey! Ho Ho! All Of Us Have Got To Go!

I totally understand being irritated by the constant noise, but I question the logic of using laxatives to *stop* incessant tooting.

Angered by the noise coming from a union picket line across frome their home, an Ohio couple allegedly made sugar cookies spiked with a laxative and gave the baked goods to striking school employees, police allege.

The couple lives on the same street where workers have been protesting since going on strike in late-March. Picketers on the line outside the Claymont Primary School in Uhrichsville are often saluted by passing motorists with a honk of a horn.
That repetitive noise, cops say, prompted Cosens and Sharrock to target the workers.

A representative for the union said that none of the workers had eaten any of the cookies, which were sent to a lab to be tested.

Wait, who doesn’t eat free cookies? Probably people who were tipped off to the plot by videos posted to a Facebook page showing the pair making the cookies and discussing their upcoming delivery. That’s my guess, at least.

Both were charged with felony contamination and jailed in lieu (In Loo?) of $1 million bond.

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