Did She Have To Dust Herself?

Let’s be clear. Groping somebody who does not wish to be groped is never a good or smart thing to do. But it is especially unsmart when the person in question is the fingerprint lady who happens to be booking you into jail.

As Evans was being fingerprinted by technician Dena Pham, he allegedly “reached with his left hand down to the victim’s right buttocks area and rubbed the area.” Pham identified Evans “as the person who battered her,” and the incident was recorded by a surveillance camera, according to a criminal complaint.
Evans reportedly “stated that he touched the victim because he thought she was sexy.”

It’s worth pointing out that the reason Jack Dylan Evans found himself in such a position in the first place was a disorderly conduct charge stemming from an incident earlier the same day during which he hurled obscenities at patrons and told a bar owner that he’d like to have relations with her, so I don’t expect that my earlier advice is going to get through to him. Perhaps the charge of battery on a jail employee will, but who knows?

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