Bunch Of Yahoos

Wonders never cease. Doug Ford is out here insulting protesters and I agree with him.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford slammed a group of people protesting coronavirus-related restrictions outside Queen’s Park on Saturday, calling them a “bunch of yahoos.”
Dozens of protesters gathered outside of the legislature demanding an easing of restrictions that officials have implemented in a bid to slow the spread of COVID-19.
“It’s reckless to do what they’re doing and personally I think it’s selfish,” Ford said.

Ford said the vast majority of Ontarians understand the restrictions and have worked collectively to reduce spread.

“But then we have a bunch of yahoos out in the front of Queen’s Park sitting there protesting that the place isn’t open,” Ford said.

“I understand that people want to get out there, but we have to be responsible. We have to make sure — we’ve come such a long way — that we protect the health and the well being of every single person in this province.”

Hmmm…bunch of yahoos. There’s a song in there somewhere.

I didn’t think that, but the fellow who brought us Speaking Moistly and Ford Nation did.

Not sure it’s quite as good as those two, but it works well enough.

Thanks, Brad.

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