Nobody Likes An Hour Long Advertisement, YouTube

I went off about this long ass ads on YouTube business at least once before, but I’m going to need to do it again here because holy shit, these people just set some new standards.

Thankfully I can skip ads now unlike seven years ago when that was written. If I couldn’t, this post would be much longer and much more NSFW than it is. Why? Because some asshole honestly thought that an advertisement for some miracle health supplement called Total Restore needed to run nearly 51 minutes, that’s why. Seriously, fuck you to death with a jagged garden rake, you sadistic son of a bitch.

Why is YouTube even allowing ads that long? Rhetorical question, I know. But how are they worth it? Nobody can possibly be sticking around to watch them.

Again, 30 seconds tops should be all you need. If you need more than that, post your own video and buy banner ads to promote it to whomever your target market is. Don’t just think you can waltz in and take over my eight minute video experience with your hour of bullshit quackery, you pricks.

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